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The Buffys, also known as the Wood Buffalo Excellence in Arts Awards, is an annual program that recognizes and celebrates excellence in various areas of the arts and builds awareness of the incredible contribution artists make to Wood Buffalo. The Buffys invest in the future of our growing arts community by supporting our most exceptional artists through appreciation and employment opportunities, and by connecting artists to the wider community.

Community Impact

484 Nominations

305 Paid Artists

970 Event Attendees

22.7k Broadcast Views

Wood Buffalo Excellence in Arts Awards Showcase

Every October the Wood Buffalo Excellence in Arts Awards Showcase entertains audiences with high energy performances and creatively crafted artworks by local artists. With a new theme each year, the awards showcase is Wood Buffalo's premier midnight event highlighting award recipients and nominees. Details on the event theme, dates, and more will be released on this page every year as they become available.

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Buffys 2022 Nominations Now Closed
Self-Applications Still OPEN

How it works


Nominate a deserving artist, arts group or arts organization (NOW CLOSED), or Self-Apply. Don’t forget to read the Nomination Guidelines.


ACWB will contact the nominee letting them know of their nomination and request nominee material.


Once nominee material deadline has passed, a shortlist of nominees will be selected by ACWB’s Board of Directors.


The shortlisted nominee submissions will be assessed and awards will be allocated by a selection committee consisting of professional artists, experts and community members.


Awards will be presented at the Wood Buffalo Excellence in Arts Awards & Showcase.

Deadlines & Timelines - 2022

  1. Nominating an artist: June 15 @ Noon (MST)

  2. Self-applying: June 30 @ Noon (MST)

  3. Complete application submission: June 30 @ Noon (MST)

  4. Shortlisted nominees notified: July 26

  5. Buffys Showcase: October 22


All completed nominations will be compiled for peer evaluation. Eligible nomination entries will be anonymized and shortlisted by the Arts Council’s Board of Directors. Award recipients will then be determined by a non-ACWB assessment committee representing the diverse artistic disciplines that make up the Buffy awards. Scoring will be based on the rubric as outlined in the Nomination Guidelines.

Award recipients will be announced at the Buffy Awards Showcase.

Categories & Eligibility

Arts Council Wood Buffalo is committed to equity and inclusion, and encourages applications and nominations from culturally diverse, Deaf, disability and official language minority artists, groups and organizations. Arts Council recognizes and affirms the treaty rights of the Indigenous peoples of this land, and encourages applications and nominations from First Nations, Inuit, and Métis individuals, groups, and organizations in all its programs.

And the theme is...

After two years of at-home cinematic experiences, Arts Council Wood Buffalo is excited to announce that our annual Arts Awards - also known as the Buffys - will return in-person! Each year, the unique theme is presented during our AGM. We are so excited journey through this out-of-this-world experience with you!

Participate in Buffys 2022

Stay tuned for announcements in August & September 2022 for more opportunities to be involved in Buffys 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

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For more information on this premier arts showcase, or for questions on securing your sponsorship opportunity, please contact Executive Director Liana Wheeldon at [email protected] or 587-674-1625 ext 100.

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