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Alberta Culture Days is a September-long celebration of arts, heritage, diversity and community-spirit featuring free activities for Albertans to enjoy. It is an opportunity to discover, experience and celebrate the Month of the Artist through local events and activities, in-person and online across the province.

Arts Council Wood Buffalo stewards funds the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo among individual artists, groups and organizations who wish to host free arts & culture-based events for residents of Wood Buffalo.

2021 - 2022
Community Impact

258 Paid Artists

29 Events & Programs

2.8K Participants

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Applications Now Open for the Alberta Culture Days Grant

How it works


Create an account and login through our Online Opportunities Portal. Don’t forget to review your project eligibilities.


Start a new entry (Select "Alberta Culture Days Grant (ABCD)" as the Category).


Fill out all relevant fields and submit by June 13 at Noon. You can save your progress and return to complete, as you go.


The submitted proposals will be assessed and funds will be allocated equitably.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are applying for more than one activity/event, please submit a new entry for each.

Deadlines & Timelines

  1. Applications Open: May 8, 2024

  2. Complete application submission: June 13, 2024 @ Noon (MST)

  3. ABCD Funding Allocations Distributed: July 2, 2024

  4. Alberta Culture Days Events: Month of September


For further inquiries, please contact:
Jenna Fewer
587.674.1625 ext. 102

Frequently Asked Questions

Grant Eligibilities

2024 Events or Activities must:

  • Provide arts, culture or heritage-related programming during the month of September 2024
  • Be free to attend
  • Provide a budget outlining estimated revenues (including in-kind and/or leveraged funds) and expenses

2024 Eligible Expenses are:

  • Artist fees/workshop fees/performance fees (funds can only be used to compensate Albertan artists)
  • Event/workshop materials (for example: paint brushes, paper, costume rentals, etc.)
  • Marketing and communications
  • Volunteer expenses (for example: t-shirts, refreshments)
  • Food and beverage (note: alcoholic beverages and bar services are not eligible)
  • Honorariums, wages, and contract wage agreements with cultural workers and artists who are not already employed as staff by the applicant organization (for example: ushers, stage managers, technicians etc.)
  • Technology costs (for example: Zoom, WebEx, audio/visual technician services); equipment rental (for example: lighting, sound)
  • Venue rental
  • Equipment rental
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