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RMWB: Art for Social Change

Could your art be a tool to create positive change for those facing barriers due to a lack of accessibility and inclusion?


The Art for Social Change project invites artists living within Western Canada (i.e., British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba) to submit proposals for site-specific public art installations that creatively explore and interpret the theme of Accessibility.


The call is open to any discipline, including but not limited to sculpture, interactive installations, performance art and digital media.


Up to six projects will be selected, each with a budget of up to $10,000.


Download the Art for Social Change submission guidelines.



Deadline to apply is May 6, 2024.



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Deadline: 06-05-2024

Deadline expired
RMWB: Street Banner Program

Each year, Public Art Wood Buffalo invites residents of all ages and skill levels to showcase their talents through the Street Banner Program. This year’s theme invites you to explore the SPIRIT of WATER.

Selected designs will receive a $600 design fee, a screened banner and the opportunity to be displayed throughout the region!


Apply by May 3


This artist call is open to creatives of all ages and skill levels residing in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. Artwork must be submitted on art paper with a completed release form. Contact Public.Art@rmwb.ca or visit the main floor counter at Jubilee Centre (9909 Franklin Ave.) to pick up paper.


Download the 2024 Street Banner Program submission guidelines


Submit your artwork and completed release form by May 3.


Get inspired


Water is one of the most precious elements on our planet, giving life to everything around us. Dive in and examine the incredible power and beauty of water!


Need ideas? Here are some to inspire your creative flow!

  • Ecosystems, global biodiversity and ecological balance.
  • Sustainability, long-term viability, water quality and equitable distribution.
  • Master of disguise with shapeshifting ability that can move from solid to liquid to gas and back.
  • Explore the molecular secret of water’s structure and symbols.
  • Societal significance – water has been a symbol of purification, renewal and life, which is evident in many different cultural and spiritual practices.
  • Recreation and transportation.
  • Fluid and rhythmic wave patterns create a harmonious relationship between water, music and dance.


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Deadline: 03-05-2024

Deadline expired
Buffys 2024: Call for Arts Awards Creation



The Wood Buffalo Excellence in Arts Awards (Buffys) is an annual program that recognizes and celebrates excellence in various areas of the arts throughout our region. The program also builds awareness of the incredible contribution artists make to Wood Buffalo. This year’s showcase will be delivered in-person, allowing attendees ticketed-entry to the event. Arts Council aims to hire an artist to create this year’s Awards. The Wood Buffalo Excellence in Arts Awards Gala will take place at Keyano Theatre & Arts Centre on October 19, 2024. The final physical awards will be distributed to the award recipients shortly after. See past creations here and here.




ACWB seeks to select one Wood Buffalo artist to create sixteen (16) awards, one for each of the following categories: 

  • Arts Administration
  • Arts Education
  • Creative Collaboration
  • Ken Flaherty Music Award
  • Dance
  • Performing Arts
  • Indigenous Artist
  • Visual Arts
  • Fine Craft
  • Literary Arts
  • Media Arts
  • Rising Star
  • Youth Leader in the Arts
  • Arts Champion
  • Lifetime Achievement
  • Buffys 2024 (for Arts Council to retain in their collection)



  • Hired artist will report to Arts Council Wood Buffalo Programs Manager.
  • Artists may submit one design for all fifteen categories, or can propose slight alterations on the main design for each category.
  • Artist will work with a video artist recruited and compensated by Arts Council in the creation of a short documentary film showcasing how the proposed piece was created.
  • Work must be 2D, 3D artwork or fine craft, which reflect the themes of: the Wood Buffalo region; excellence in the arts; the culture of creativity.
  • Each piece must incorporate the title of the award that they represent.
  • The final finished awards must be delivered to ACWB no later than 4PM on August 19, 2024
  • All final submissions must be 100% original, royalty-free and free from risk of being flagged for copyright violations.





$150 per award for a total of $2,400 (inclusive of GST.)





All submissions must be submitted through our online Opportunities Portal. Create an account, login and then click on the purple “Start Entry” button. You may begin drafting your proposal by selecting “Buffys – Award Creation” as your category. 





Submissions must be received by 12PM on May 1, 2024. Late submissions will not be considered for hire.




Selections will be made by the Arts Council Wood Buffalo staff. All selections will be final, and successful artists will be notified by May 17, 2024.

Please note that only artists(s) who are successful will be notified.



For questions or more information, please contact jenna@artscouncilwb.ca  or 587-674-1625.

Deadline: 01-05-2024

Deadline expired
Buffys 2024: Call for Performing Artists



The Wood Buffalo Excellence in Arts Awards (Buffys) is an annual program that recognizes and celebrates excellence in various areas of the arts throughout our region. The program also builds awareness of the incredible contribution artists make to Wood Buffalo. This year’s showcase will be delivered at Keyano Theatre & Arts Centre. Arts Council aims to hire performing artists to create performances that will be showcased live, in-person at this year’s Awards Showcase on October 19, 2024. The performances will be recorded for archival purposes and may be distributed as needed.



  • Artists must be Wood Buffalo residents for the duration of the project 
  • Performance must not exceed 5 minutes in length 
  • Artists must be performance-ready by mid-September 
  • Performance must be original and must not have been, or have plans to be presented again in close proximity of the Buffys (i.e. no repeat presentations of the Work between July and December 2024).


The work must be visually appealing to present at Keyano Theatre & Arts Centre and may include, but is not limited to: 

  • Music
  • Dance
  • Theatre
  • Comedy
  • Spoken Word
  • Circus Arts
  • 2D or 3D artforms



  • Arts Council is particularly interested in unique work, and preference will be given to engaging proposals from artists who have not already performed at the Buffys. The Buffys are a great place to be experimental and try things out, so we encourage artists to embrace their unique ideas and dream something up that fits “outside-the-box”.
  • While it’s not mandatory, Arts Council artists are encouraged to infuse their work with the thematic coherence of “Midnight in Miami”. Embracing the essence of this theme, artists can draw inspiration from the vibrant energy, cultural richness, and enigmatic allure reminiscent of the nocturnal atmosphere of Miami.
  • The performance will be presented in front of a live audience and recorded for archival purposes. We highly encourage collaboration between many artists.
  • Each submission must have a designated director, who will manage the vision of the project as well as its performers. They will act as the point-contact for the project and will arrange logistics for the group. This director may also be required to sit in on meetings to plan creative and logistical aspects of the performance in advance with our creative team.
  • All final submissions must be 100% original and free from risk of being flagged for copyright violations.




All submissions must be submitted through our online Opportunities Portal. Create an account, login and then click on the purple “Start Entry” button. You may begin drafting your proposal by selecting “Buffys – Performing Artists” as your category. 





Submissions must be received by 12PM on May 1, 2024. Late submissions will not be considered for hire.





Artist fees will be negotiated and agreed upon between the individual artist and Arts Council Wood Buffalo, contingent upon the scope and nature of the artistic contribution.





Artists will be selected based on appropriateness for the program, cost, and quality. Priority will be given to artists who communicate clear, detailed concepts, with reasoning and feasibility provided to support their proposed performance.

Please note that only artists(s) who are successful will be notified.


Selections will be made by the Arts Council Wood Buffalo staff. All selections will be final, and successful artists will be notified by May 17, 2024.



For questions or more information, please contact jenna@artscouncilwb.ca  or 587-674-1625.


Deadline: 01-05-2024

Deadline expired
RMWB: Wood Buffalo Mural Fest

This summer, Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo will play host to the Wood Buffalo Mural Fest! Featuring live mural painting, workshops and community engagement activities, the festival aims to celebrate art, culture and the community through vibrant and captivating murals dotted throughout the region.


Public Art Wood Buffalo is inviting mural artists from across Canada to submit an artist proposal. Up to five artists will be selected for the festival. Compensation will be based on the size and scope of the mural, and most supplies and equipment will be provided.


Apply Here!

Deadline: 15-04-2024

Deadline expired
Call for Writers: broke press 2024 Catalogue

About broke press


At broke press, the purpose of publishing is seen simply as getting art to an audience. broke press fulfills this mandate by producing chapbooks and poetry zines, by both emerging and established Canadian writers.


broke press publications are produced using a mix of modern and traditional bookmaking processes. Digitally designed and printed, broke press chapbooks are then hand-folded, -trimmed, and -bound. Great care is put into the production of each literary creation.


Located in the heart of the Okanagan Valley, in Vernon, British Columbia, broke press is operated solely by Clare Thiessen, who acts as editor, designer, and book maker.


Submission guidelines


Submissions to broke press are open until midnight on February 29, 2024. Submissions must be emailed to brokepress@gmail.com as a pdf.

  • Manuscripts must be written by Canadian writers

  • All and any genres are accepted

  • Manuscripts must be no more than 16 pages in length

  • Manuscripts must be previously unpublished as a whole (If certain poems or excerpts have been published online or in print, please make a note of that in your email!)

  • Manuscripts must be in an easy-to-read serif font (such as Garamond, Constantia, or Times New Roman)


Manuscripts that do not conform to the guidelines will not be considered, due to the large volume of submissions.


The submission fee for this submission window is a sliding scale between $10- $25.


Expect to hear back regarding the status of your submission by late March, 2024. Authors whose manuscripts are accepted for the 2024 catalogue will be paid an honorarium of $100 and 20% of the print run upon publication.



Deadline: 29-02-2024

Deadline expired
ASA: Artist in Residence Creative

The Alberta Society of Artists is pleased to invite artists (over 18) who are interested in self-directed research and site-specific work to apply to its new Artist-in-Residence Creative Program.  



The Alberta Society of Artists is a large part of Alberta’s visual arts history through its members, its exhibitions, and other initiatives. The ASA was founded in 1931, making it the oldest society of juried professional artists in the province. The ASA has an active membership of professional visual artists who strive for excellence. Through exhibitions, education, and communication, the society increases public awareness of the visual arts.  


Artist-in-Residence Creative provides a rare look into the ASA and its gallery complex at Crossroads Market in Calgary. You will have access to the ASA’s archives, meet with long-standing members and chat with people in the vibrant weekend market. The Upper Gallery is one of two galleries operated by The Alberta Society of Artists located on the second floor of the Crossroads Market. The 300-square-foot gallery is open to the public four days a week in this thriving business sector of Southeast Calgary.  


Artists are encouraged to use the Gallery space to the best of their abilities, and, as a public gallery, the ASA also encourages artists to present their work as it progresses. Possibilities include but are not limited to a slide show, digital presentation, written work, workshops, or creative ideas which encourage engagement. In addition to in-person activities, the ASA advocates incorporating an online element to enhance outreach across the entire province.  


As the Alberta Society of Artists approaches its 100th Anniversary, it asks that Artists provide some form of digital documentation of their Residence Creative so that it can be added it to archives and/or used in promotional material. Any physical artwork produced will remain the property of the Artists and stay in their possession.  



Space: Upper Gallery, 22’ x 16’

Length: 8 consecutive weeks (after June 2024)

Access: to building is permitted during operational hours only

Restrictions: to be mindful of the gallery setting, no noxious smells, toxic chemicals, loud noises or damage to the walls/flooring will be permitted

Honorarium: $500.00 CAD

Expectations: to generate creatives which are reflective of the time spent with the Alberta Society of Artists organization

Deadline: Thursday, February 29, 11:59 pm


Application Process:

  • Eligibility: Open to all members of the public (18 years and older) self-defined as Visual Artist
  • A maximum of one scheduled slot is available
  • Submission information: the majority of the information regarding the Residency MUST be submitted in PDF format.



Deadline: 29-02-2024

Deadline expired
Call for Artists – 2023 Annual Report Cover Artwork

Project Description


Arts Council Wood Buffalo (ACWB) is looking for local 2D or 3D artists, including but not limited to illustrators, photographers, graphic designers, printmakers or painters to submit artwork for their 2023 Annual Report cover. The image will reflect the theme: Catalyst


The image to be used on the cover of the Annual Report will be distributed during our AGM and other events. It will also be available to ALL members, stakeholders and general community members. The image will also be used to promote the Annual Report on ACWB’s various online platforms.


About the Theme


The theme for ACWB’s 2023 Annual Report is catalyst. This theme encapsulates ACWB’s role in sparking positive transformations within the community. Through programs, events, and collaborations, ACWB stives to be a catalyst for creativity, fostering a creative Wood Buffalo where artistic expression thrives. 


As ACWB advances development of Arts INC, we are confident that this campus will be a catalyst for downtown revitalization, spurring economic development and contributing to a dynamic and vibrant Wood Buffalo. 


Catalyst can be defined as

  • a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change.
  • a person or thing that precipitates an event


What does catalyst mean to you? We want to know. 



Work Media


ACWB welcomes submissions from both established and emerging artists.

ACWB will not be purchasing the physical artwork, only the digital image. The artwork will be used as a background image, and under the discretion of ACWB’s designer, creating the final Annual Report graphic design, which may be cropped or have information and design elements placed on top. We will request non-exclusive rights to the work and will accept existing and new artwork; however, it should not have appeared in any other way in the Wood Buffalo community in the six months prior to submission.


Submitted digital files of photography, digital artwork or representations of any 2D or 3D artwork must be in the form of digital files, prepared and ready for print with the following requirements:

  • Digital artwork files must be uploaded in a jpg or png file format.
  • File size is no smaller than 8.5″ x 11″ and should be a minimum 300dpi. The image may be cropped to fit printable surface area. Please ensure the digital file is cropped to show only your submitted image and no background elements (frame, etc.).
  • All artworks and elements within the artwork must be the sole intellectual property of the artist. If the artwork is digital media medium, design elements must have been purchased with the proper license to be used for both print and digital purposes, listed in the project description.


Entry Requirements


Maximum of 3 artwork submissions per artist.


Please submit the following items in one email to info@artscouncilwb.ca.

  • Subject Line: Annual Report Cover Submission

Some of the information provided below will be used to give credit to the successful artist in the Annual Report and in other promotions. Please make sure this information provided is correct, with proper grammar and punctuation.

Please refer to this checklist to ensure all submission elements are submitted for consideration:

  • Artist Statement explaining the relevance of the image to the theme.
  • Artist Bio (100 words maximum)
  • Image list from A – C, title of artwork, medium used. Example A) Title, Medium, B) Title, Medium, C) Title, Medium.
  • Print ready digital file, minimum 1MB and/or 300dpi resolution. Files should be named as follows: first name_last name.a.jpeg, first name_last name.b.jpeg, etc. ACWB will accept large files from a downloadable source such as dropbox.com and FTP service.



Submission Deadline


Submissions must be received by 12:00 PM (Noon) on Wednesday, February 14, 2024.


Selection Process


Artwork will be selected by Arts Council Wood Buffalo staff. The selection is final and the successful artist will be notified by Wednesday, February 21, 2024..


Please note that only the successful artist will be notified. Artists submitting their artwork keep full copyright of their images. Submissions that are not chosen will not be used in any way by ACWB or third party organizations, unless requested by ACWB in advance and approved by the artist.



Exhibition Fee


The successful artist will be paid a one time, all-inclusive licensing fee of $200.00, inclusive of GST.




Contact Information


Emma Carter
Engagement Manager
(780) 713-1948

Deadline: 14-02-2024

Deadline expired
Festival Submissions Open: BreakOut West 2024



BreakOut West features a multi-genre, multi-venue showcase festival that presents more than 50 established and emerging artists from across Western Canada. This year’s event takes place September 25 – 29, 2024 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  





Submission deadline: January 30, 2024 at midnight CT  





All performing festival artists must be residents of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon, the Northwest Territories, and/or Nunavut, for at least six months between March 30, 2023 and January 28, 2024. The mandate of the Western Canadian Music Alliance is to support artists and companies who reside in Western Canada a majority of the time and as such contribute to healthy and thriving music communities in the region. In the case of groups, 50% of the members must meet the residency requirement.  





The Western Canadian Music Alliance is an inclusive organization and BreakOut West is open to submissions from all artists irrespective of genre. Festival selections are made by jury on the basis of qualification and fit for the festival, and thus not every genre will be represented at the festival at any given year.  





BreakOut West is a music industry showcase, designed to match export-ready artists based in Western Canada with industry professionals at their level. Artists are juried primarily on the following criteria:


  • Submission materials: quality of music, performance video, bio, and other artist materials.
  • Conference goals: specificity, detail, attainability, and relevance to BreakOut West conference.
  • Artist’s history: detail, breadth of experience, growth trajectory and market development.


WCMA recommends that submitting artists meet at least two, but ideally all four of FACTOR’s criteria for export readiness.  BreakOut West is a juried showcase festival that takes many details into consideration. These may include; diversity of genre, language, gender and cultural identity. The festival also strives to represent all Wesern Canadian Music Alliance geographic regions. Gender-non-conforming artists, Indigenous artists, and artists of colour are strongly encouraged to apply.  





Each selected artist at BreakOut West receives the following benefits as part of their performance:


  • Two performance opportunities at the BreakOut West festival. Performance times and venues are may vary and are at the discretion of WCMA.
  • One delegate package (valued at over $250) per performing member of your ensemble. This package includes a festival wristband which grants access to all showcases, and a delegate pass to take part in the BreakOut West industry conference including all workshops, panels, networking receptions, one-on-one meetings and more.
  • All showcasing artists will be able to access early and exclusive sign up for one-on-one meetings with industry mentors, ahead of general access.
  • Each selected artist will be given honorarium for participation. One honorarium is provided per artist, not per performing member.
  • As a showcase at a recognized music industry conference, selected showcasing artists may be eligible to apply for support through FACTOR, and their provincial showcase funding program for support of showcase expenses. This may include travel, accommodations, payment to artists, per diems, marketing expenses, etc. Please contact your provincial music industry association for more detail.
  • Access to hotel room discounts at participating hotels
  • Marketing tools to promote showcases including electronic show posters, social media promotions and use of logos and branding upon request.



Deadline: 30-01-2024

Deadline expired
Audition Opportunity: Les Liaisons Dangereuses

Audition for Keyano Theatre Company’s upcoming production of Les Liaisons Dangereuses.  Auditioners are asked to prepare a monologue or poem no longer than 2 minutes, and be open to receiving redirects in the room. The director wants to see your ability to try new things and collaborate in rehearsals.


Auditions will take place at Keyano Theatre & Arts Centre on Thursday, January 25th and Friday, January 26th with callbacks on Saturday, January 27th


For more information and to sign up, click here!

Deadline: 26-01-2024

Deadline expired
Call for Submissions: Coming Up Next

Coming Up Next celebrates the creativity, innovation, and skill of emerging artists entering the field of contemporary Craft in Canada. This group exhibition serves as an important launchpad; introducing emerging artists to the Alberta Craft community (including our sophisticated audience of artists, craft collectors and supporters), and to the professional development services that Alberta Craft provides to its members. The exhibition will be curated to feature a diverse representation of traditional and contemporary Craft disciplines.


Alberta Craft welcomes submissions from artists whose path to Craft may have begun through apprenticeships, mentorships with elders, those who are self-taught, and those who have received a formal post-secondary Craft education. If you are within the first five years of your career in Craft, or the final year of studies in a Craft discipline, you are eligible to enter.


This national call is free to enter, with a submission of up to five images of work that will be available for the exhibition dates. Works may be produced in any of the Craft media: clay, fibre, glass, metal, wood, stone, or any combination of the above, and must have been completed within the past two years to be considered.


Application deadline is January 16th, 2024.


Click here for more information and to submit!

Deadline: 16-01-2024

Deadline expired
Arts Council Wood Buffalo: 2024 Artist in Residence Programs


The Artist in Residence Program and Suncor Indigenous Artist Program follow the traditional residency model, in which non-local or local professional artists will spend 3 to 4 weeks creating art and engaging with the community through art. Opportunities include showcase events or performances and, most importantly, spending time mentoring a select group of emerging, established and professional artists from the same artistic discipline. Applicants who choose to identify as Indigenous on their applications will be considered for both the Suncor Indigenous Artist Program and the Artist in Residence Program. All applicants will be considered for the Artist in Residence Program.  This year, both programs will run concurrently, from April 30th to May 17th 2024. 



  • Artist must reside in Canada
  • Artist must be 21 years of age or older
  • Artist must have at least 2 years of professional experience in their field.
  • Must be willing to travel to the Wood Buffalo Region 
  • Must be available for all 3 weeks of the Residency 
  • Artists must identify as Indigenous to be considered for the Suncor Indigenous Artist Program



  • Arts Council is particularly interested in artists that will engage the community
  • Arts Council is interested in artists who will mentor artists in this region
  • The Artists in Residence will be required to instruct a minimum of two workshops 
  • The Artists in Residence may be required to do an engagement session(s) with artists and community members
  • Artists will create new work that will be showcased at the end of the Residency 



Arts Council Wood Buffalo welcomes any and all artforms. These artforms can include (but are not limited to): craft, dance, literary arts, media, music, performing arts, visual arts. 



All submissions must be submitted through our online Opportunities Portal. Create an account, login and then click on the purple “Start Entry” button. You may begin drafting your proposal by selecting “2024 Artist in Residence Programs” as your category. Shortlisted Artists will be invited to present their proposals to ACWB staff.. 


Accommodations and application support are available. If you require support or accommodations, contact Program Coordinator Byron Gard byron@artscouncilwb.ca or (587) 674-1625 x.101.



Submissions must be submitted by noon on January 15, 2024. Late submissions will not be considered. 


Arts Council will compensate the Artists in Residence for their travel, time, materials, workshops, planning, etc. Fees will be decided once the Artists are selected. 



The artists will be selected on the appropriateness of the program to teach to community members of the Wood Buffalo region, the uniqueness of the program, and the cost and quality of the proposed workshops. Priority will be given to artists who have a strong workshop plan, showing detailed concepts and a focus on working with the community and mentoring artists in the Wood Buffalo Region.


Please note that only the artist(s) who are successful will be notified.


Selections will be made by Arts Council Wood Buffalo staff. All selections made will be final. All successful artists will be notified by February 16th 2024 



For more information on the 2024 Artist in Residence Programs, visit www.artscouncilwb.ca/artist-in-residence and read the Artist in Residence Handbook.


If you have questions or require application support, please contact Programs Coordinator Byron Gard at byron@artscouncilwb.ca or (587) 674-1625 x.101


Deadline: 15-01-2024

Deadline expired

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