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RMWB: Street Banner Program

Each year, Public Art Wood Buffalo invites residents of all ages and skill levels to showcase their talents through the Street Banner Program. This year’s theme invites you to explore the SPIRIT of WATER.

Selected designs will receive a $600 design fee, a screened banner and the opportunity to be displayed throughout the region!


Apply by May 3


This artist call is open to creatives of all ages and skill levels residing in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. Artwork must be submitted on art paper with a completed release form. Contact Public.Art@rmwb.ca or visit the main floor counter at Jubilee Centre (9909 Franklin Ave.) to pick up paper.


Download the 2024 Street Banner Program submission guidelines


Submit your artwork and completed release form by May 3.


Get inspired


Water is one of the most precious elements on our planet, giving life to everything around us. Dive in and examine the incredible power and beauty of water!


Need ideas? Here are some to inspire your creative flow!

  • Ecosystems, global biodiversity and ecological balance.
  • Sustainability, long-term viability, water quality and equitable distribution.
  • Master of disguise with shapeshifting ability that can move from solid to liquid to gas and back.
  • Explore the molecular secret of water’s structure and symbols.
  • Societal significance – water has been a symbol of purification, renewal and life, which is evident in many different cultural and spiritual practices.
  • Recreation and transportation.
  • Fluid and rhythmic wave patterns create a harmonious relationship between water, music and dance.


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