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TREX Hallway Gallery Open Call for Submissions

Proposal submission deadline is December 12, 2022, by 11:59pm

This is an open call for Alberta artists to submit a proposal for the TREX Hallway Gallery.
Named after its long narrow dimensions, the exhibition space has one entrance and three walls.
One long wall is metal while its opposite wall is brick, and the hallway ends with a tall but narrow
wall of drywall. The two long walls are equipped with rail hanging systems; however, the space
also lends itself well to creative installation initiatives.

*Please see the Hallway Gallery mock-up for more specific dimensions and details about the

We are looking for engaging proposals that respond to the space and take into consideration
potential interactions with viewing audiences – with preference being given to artworks and
exhibitions that are sculptural, performative, and/or mixed-media in nature. We would also like
for each new use of the TREX SW Hallway Gallery to offer an educational or public engagement
component. In your proposal, please indicate if you are interested in working with the organizers
on developing this, or if you have a specific educational component you are envisioning, please
tell us.

Please note that this is the first of what we hope will be many open calls for the TREX Hallway
Gallery. As such, for now it is seeking to fill just a few exhibition slots between January 2023
and the end of June 2023.


This call is only open to artists residing within Alberta over the age of 18, whose studio practice
is based primarily within the province. Art collectives or groups are welcome to apply.

Responsibilities of the Artist(s) and Fees

Installation/take-down assistance is available for out-of-town applicants, however shipment and
delivery of materials and/or artworks as well as retrieval of materials and/or artworks at the
close of the exhibition duration is the responsibility of the artist. CARFAC fees will be paid to
artists for exhibiting and for conducting an educational/engagement workshop as part of the
exhibition’s deliverables.