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Gwaandak Theatre Artist Residency

Gwaandak Theatre is seeking 5 artists to work with them over the course of 15 months to get their artistic project to the “next stage”– whatever that might mean!

Selected artists will receive direct mentorship from Gwaandak staff to learn how to vision, plan, fund, and implement a small to medium scale project of their choosing whether that’s a group performance, solo show, writing initiative, or digital project. This is a self directed residency with guidance from Gwaandak. All support will be verbal, written, discussion, and strategy based and will include access to the office, wifi, and planning templates from Gwaandak Theatre.There will be opportunities to showcase your work at Awaken Festival or Indigenous Summer Play Readings.

The applicants will be selected based on the feasibility of their project within the funds available and the timeline, with a preference given to Indigenous applicants. 

This residency supports our mandate of uplifting Indigenous and Northern voices by creating opportunities for individuals to self determine their path, and maintain artistic sovereignty over their work. Each individual will learn the way Gwaandak approaches each mid size project and will be able to repeat that process moving forward. Our goal is to support more individual artists creating work and developing their own skills, generating more capacity for the community and more self directing producing artists to work with Gwaandak moving forward.

Residency begins late October 2022. Deadline to apply is October 8 at midnight.


Participants will receive an in-kind donation for their project of 60 hours of support from Gwaandak Theatre that includes visioning, fund development, administration, and production. Grants submitted by participants will include subsistence fees and other appropriate artist payments. If funding obtained is less than expected, Gwaandak will work with participants to adjust work plans to prevent overworking.

Participants who present at Awaken Festival 2023 will be paid a flat artist fee of $1,000.


Fall/Winter 2022/23 – Submit grants, participate in production and administration training

Spring 2023 – Submit additional grants, participate at artist trainings at Awaken Festival, development

Summer 2023 – Participate in Indigenous Summer Play Readings (if appropriate), continued development

Fall 2023 – Continued development, create production plan or relevant plan for next steps

Winter 2023/24 – Develop and create

Spring 2024 – present showcase at Awaken Festival

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