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Call for Proposals

Connection to Land Video Series


Land Acknowledgements have been delivered at the start of meetings and events across Treaty 8 Territory with the goal of encouraging people to understand and show respect for the longstanding Indigenous history that has brought everyone together to reside on this land. While this is an admirable step towards reconciliation, we see the practice evolving from a meaningful one to a simple “check-box-that-needs-to-be-ticked”. Symmetree Theatre believes this to be, because people are not taking the initiative to understand the history of the land and Indigenous Peoples’ relationship to it; an important prerequisite for delivering a meaningful land acknowledgement, as well as calling attention to our need to build mindfulness around current reconciliatory issues with Indigenous understanding at its root.

This video series will catalyze the discussion by showing its audience the importance of our land’s Indigenous history, through individual performance videos. The project will involve hiring 3-4 Indigenous artists who practice different art forms that would lend themselves well to being highlighted on film (a literary artist, dancer, a singer or musician, for example). They would be tasked with creating pieces within their art form which draw from their interpretation of their own connection to the land.


Symmetree Theatre is welcoming proposals from Indigenous artists who are local to the Wood Buffalo boundaries of Treaty 8 territory.​ These proposals should highlight the full vision for a performance video that would explore the themes of “Connection to Land”, in as much detail as possible. We welcome proposals from any art form (e.g., dance, literary, music).

  • Selected artists will be responsible for creating a 3-5 minute original narrative, recruiting and leading a team of artists to support that narrative.
  • We encourage artists to meaningfully involve Elders and Knowledge-Keepers from their own communities in the development of their proposed piece. Symmetree Theatre will provide financial support for honorariums or tobacco offerings to accommodate this, where appropriate.
  • The performance will be recorded with a professional videographer commissioned and compensated by Symmetree Theatre. Artists will realize their vision by collaborating with others, including videographers and project managers. 
  • Each proposal must have a designated “Lead Artist”. They will act as the point-contact for the project and will arrange for a preview performance of the piece to be made available to the videographers ahead of time. This can be in the form of an in-person rehearsal, or a draft recording of the performance sent digitally. This will include some documented material, explaining the Lead Artist’s vision. The Lead Artist will be required to sit in on meetings to help plan creative and logistical elements of the performance in advance with our creative team.
  • All final submissions must be 100% original, royalty-free and free from risk of being flagged for copyright violations. 

DEADLINE TO APPLY: February 1, 2022

For more details, please visit www.symmetreetheatre.com/connection