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The Buffys Awards

The 2023 Buffy Awards were created by Stacey Grant, Métis multi-disciplinary artist and beadworker. Each award is a unique beadwork medallion, made using traditional techniques. Utilizing her botanical knowledge, Stacey created floral motifs inspired by the award categories. Each finished medallion is about two inches in diameter, with a beaded edge and hide backing. Arts Council Wood Buffalo was honoured to have Métis Elder Marlene Cardinal present the awards to each recipient. 

“The amount of love and time that goes into beadwork, the amount of spirit, of connection between the artist, the medicine, and the recipient is keystone to what the original meeting place of Nistawayaw was – ‘where the three rivers meet.’ Where knowledge, goods, love, and laughter were shared for generations in one form, and now, in another entirely. The medicine of beadwork in its entirety is a test of patience, meditation, and love. You leave everything negative at the door, you send it up with sage: to hold onto it while you bead is to stitch those thoughts and energy into it for eternity, an omen which the person gifted will feel. It’s a lesson on creating with love and patience, and for another to receive and benefit from as a medicine in the purest form. To me, that’s what art is. Art is medicine. Art is healing. Art is honouring the garden in which we are so fortunate to nurture.”

–Stacey Grant