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The Heart of Rose


Tineesha McKay


Rose Pratt


Visual Arts


The Heart of Rose

I created this art piece for Rose Pratt, in hopes to reflect her love of nature, growth, and her love for the community. Rose has lived in Anzac for most of her life, and has assisted many developments; always helping others grow. 

Pink roses and blue flowers are Rose’s favorite so I found little wildflowers that included and reflected these colour tones. As well, I used wild raspberries to paint the accents around the vase to keep things as natural as possible.

The composition was done intentionally, with the flowers framing the center pink rose. Further, directly under the rose was a leafy natural heart shape with blue accents’ demonstrating how important Rose is in the community. 

I am very thankful for the time I got to spend with, and create this piece for Rose; she is truly an inspiration. & Thanks again to the Art of Conversation, sponsored by Arts Council Wood Buffalo, for giving me the opportunity to connect and create meaningful art. 

 “Roses that are pink, 

wildflowers that are deep blue, 

the heart of community lives

on, because of people like you.”