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The Art of Conversation with Miriam

Ryan McCann

Miriam Kesselring


I talked to someone today, that I didn’t even know
We chatted for an hour, in the end there was a glow
On my face as I hung up the phone, she was so very nice
Her name is Miriam, a golden conversation isn’t worth any price
She had a sweet accent, she’s from the land of the Fins
How she spoke about her family coming to Canada, just gave me the grins
Herself and Daniel, who was her husband, travelled to Ontario
In November 3rd, 1970, in the end as a strong couple would show
How 2 young kids from Europe, could make it on their own together
For fun she would read good books, and enjoy the nice weather
Those warm summer night with all the stars in the sky
It was kind of dark, but she felt safe, and didn’t ask the question why
Mother Nature was there to protect her from anything that was bad
In the winter walks home, snow brightened her smile and she was always far from being sad
She has a son, Andreas, and from what I heard, she’s really proud of that
You’re a good mother, and I respect you, and I take off my hat
To understand that sometimes things can be really rough
But in the end our experiences make us really tough
I enjoyed talking to you today, Mrs. Miriam Kesselring
I wish nothing for the best for you, hoping you wake up each morning and hear the birds sing
To appreciate life, every minute, each day, and every year
And feel confident and beautiful when you look into that mirror
Like you said to me, sometimes life’s fate is beyond our personal powers
I hope you continue to garden again, planting tasty veggies and colourful flowers.