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Sea Foam

Barbara Madden

Marilyn Schulz

Visual Arts

The inspiration for the painting was circuitous. We talked about Marilyn’s childhood, off the grid in rural Saskatchewan. Bits about her journey from there to a master’s degree in social work, and then a career in teaching and helping others. Some about her kids and grandkids and her creative outlets of writing and painting. We talked about subject matters that she likes in paintings: flowers and oceans. After viewing some of my anatomy-focused art she told me about her recent struggles with an infection that led to paralysis, from which she was not expected to recover, and the amazing ductility of the brain and the healing powers of sleep and dreams. I made some preparatory sketches of the spine and brain, but once we understood that the painting was intended to be gifted to Marilyn, I wanted her to have something she’d enjoy. I also wanted it to reflect her spirit. Throughout the conversations, I got a sense of a resilient, empathetic and pragmatic person. The painting is called Seam Foam, something that is always rising, regenerating and providing a sense of calm for those that are nearby.
– Barbara Madden

“Thank you for dropping off Barbara’s beautiful piece. I must admit, I teared up. They were good tears, so all is well. Barbara is also helping me with my art project, which if it turns out well, will be gifted to my figure-skating granddaughter!”