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Planting Seeds of Connection

Tineesha McKay

Tara Sauter

Line Art and Macrame


The macramé plant-hanger and line art piece that I created for Tara Sauter was inspired by her appreciation of plants and meaningful connections. Tara’s mother fostered her love of plants at a young age, by using them for cooking and decorating the home. Captivated by her admiration of plants from our conversations, I created a macramé plant hanger for Tara’s home, and one in the illustration.

 The word “family” in Hindi (her native language) is engraved on the plant’s pot, because Tara expressed that family is the most important thing to her in the world. Family celebrations are some of Tara’s fondest memories; which sometimes involved wearing colourful and unique cultural gowns and jewelry. The colours used in the clothing and other elements of the line art are Tara’s favorite colours: green, pink, and red.

 Along with her family, connecting to others is very important to Tara because she is a social and friendly person, whom misses the days when she could simply go out for coffee with her friends. The coffee cup symbolizes the joy she experiences by getting to engage with others over coffee dates. To further tie the piece all together, the macramé material and coffee, are both derived from plants.

I am extremely grateful to the Art of Conversation project for the opportunity, and to Tara, for allowing me to create an art piece that reflects and connects the things she values most.