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Oft Forgotten

Drums: Glen Miller
Bass: Chris Pottie
Keys, Guitars: Brandon Bryson
Spoken Word Poetry & Artwork: Meghan Whitmore
Design, Guitars, Vocals: Xach Edward
Recorded and Produced: Xach Edward, Glen Miller, Chris Pottie and Brandon Bryson

Krystina Poltorak

Visual Arts & Music

In conversation with Krystina we got a little bit of insight into where she is in her life, where she’s been, and how she feels in her current situation. Krystina was very honest and forthright about what she’s thankful for, and some of the obstacles she faces, making it easy for us to connect with her and relate to her experience.

We wanted our piece to express the feelings of isolation, self doubt and neglect that we commonly associate with our elderly community members, but that many of us feel regardless of what period of our lives we’re currently experiencing. By using samples of our actual conversation and letting the listener hear Krystina’s voice, her creativity, her charm, her cheerfulness and some of her sadness, we’re attempting to help make it easier for listeners to connect with her and her experience through her own words. The overall sentiment is echoed in the last line of the last verse: “don’t wait for them, come and find us.” The hope being that our subject can find the motivation to seek out others who feel the same and find comfort in their company. Much easier said than done, of course.

“Not important” on your forehead
“Worthless, lost and oft forgotten”
Words you tattoo on your back to
Read when you look at your rear view

Words you repeat in your deep sleep
Keep you deceived and you believe
You’re not loved and you’re alone
You feel unwelcome when you’re home

Tired eyes and suffocating, under the weather
Just need more sunshine and I’ll be fine
I’m just boring and forgotten
Nothing wild, nothing normal
We are not alone, they are coming
They are here, I know it to be true
Liberation, freedom for you all
For me, I am perfect, I am sane
I am brilliant, not in vain
Wild emptiness inside my head
That’s what the doctors said and
Lights are flashing in the background
Waves are crashing on the pavement
I am not alone, I am coming home

All your meds and words unsaid
Regrets and dead ends in your head

You’ve been lost but now you’re found
Don’t let voices push you around
You’re not alone, shake off the rust
Don’t wait for them… come and find us

All your meds and words unsaid
Regrets and dead ends in your head
Best days passed you, sunsets last few
Curtains drawn turn royal light blue