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More Than Just A Master Carpenter

Samson Nand

Jeff O’Reilly


Regarding the lyrics, I tried my best to summarize the essence of Jeff highlighting how positive he is and try to illustrate his travels, his wonderful parents and his amazing woodworking skills. In regards to the choice I made with the music Jeff let me know he’s a big B.B. King fan so I did my best to write a blues style song for him.


More than just a master carpenter

Well let me tell you about my friend who’s got mad skills

And he’s not just a cool, kind, cat that plays mean drum fills

He’s a master carpenter that always kills (at everything he does!)

He’s got a heart of gold and he’s originally from the rock

He’s just one of the b’ys that’s seen his fair share of docks

But he’s also a townie that knows all the folk on the block

Now his mom and dad were truly the salt of the earth

Serving tours with the USO and the Korean War

Good and honest compassionate folk god rest their souls (and that’s the truth!)

And so, the master carpenter eventually came west

To the land of milk and honey, yeah, I’m talking about Fort Mac

He’s lived a life so full of joy and no regrets

He’s live a life so full of joy and no regrets

This one’s for you Jeff!