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Maskihkiwapoy with the Trees

Dawn Booth

Betty Woodward



Maskihkiwapoy with the Trees is a poem written for Elder Betty Woodward. The presentation shows the poem, along with a photograph captured by Betty of the sun through the trees.

Through our conversations, I learned we have much in common. Betty loves taking photos and writing. I believe she’s a poet, too. Though, she seemed humbly surprised when I told her. I discovered this through her Facebook posts titled: “Good Morning, World” and “Good Evening, World.

Her poetic affirmations on social media are her way of putting positivity out to others. She shared with me that she wants to remind people that there are always things in life to look forward to — the simple everyday things

This ties into the poem I wrote for her because she told me she enjoys spending time in the bush. She said it’s her place to get away from the noise, all the hustle and bustle. 

And when she heads out on Highway 63 to visit her frequent spot, she brings her camera and kettle to make tea.

It inspired me to write because I could imagine her in this place. I also learned Maskihkiwapoy is the Cree word for “medicine water” or “tea.” So, I included it in the poem’s title.

I told Betty I would like to join her in the forest someday to take photos and share tea with her and take in the silence.

Until time places us together, I will continue reading Betty’s daily messages; be enlightened by her wisdom, uplifted by her words.