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Life Path


Sorina Doiculescu


Alexandra Tarasenco


Visual Arts


It is a commemoration of symbols depicting Evghenia’s life path on this earth. A collaboration between her early life culture from East Europe, with the new grandmother life she had on the indigenous native lands of Canada. 

Native Indigenous Art side:

Her creation from the land, a pure spirit a white dove, growing through the streams of life finding her way around, blossoming and giving life to her children and caring her heart and spirit through the journey. In the later years she become one with the land; the old wise grandmother, the one that carries her children and grandchildren through the path, bestowing her knowledge and wisdom on to them. At the end she was called in the sky by her ancestors  looking over with love and protection toward her offsprings. 

Native Rusian art:

Again the little bird is present here to announce her birth. The two little matryoshka dolls are her parents that gave birth to her and she grew strong for her family of her own. Her heart is full of love, compassion and  wisdom, the elephant becoming as a matriarch of the family tree. The birds are representing her honor and charisma that she bestowed in her presence. At the end she become a star on the sky shining proudly every night and always sending light to guide her family to brightness.