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Child Artist Adonis

Liam Renner

Rose Pratt

Multimedia Collage

This piece is a multimedia collage that was created after a couple thoughtful and introspective conversations with Rose about arts and the current state of the world.

During our conversation, we covered so much I had to pull it back layer by layer and really think about what stuck out. What stuck out? Her wisdom regarding life, arts and culture. We very much agreed that our youngest artists are the future and they need to be treated accordingly, as our future. Picasso famously said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”. Our collective opinion was that this burden shouldn’t be the child’s, but spoke to the need for adults, mentors and parents to be creative themselves and not box a child’s thoughts but open them up to all possibilities.

This led me to create a thought provoking and colourful piece centred around a deconstructed Greek sculpture and a skull set as window blinds. The eyeless centrepiece with flowers elevating from within the skull represents free thought. The eyeless character shows that without perspective you may be unaware if the viewer is truly living. Are you alive or walking through life blind?

– Liam Renner