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Cherished Memories

Alexander Bai

Linda Matychuk


In these past two months, I had the opportunity to talk with a great person, Ms. Linda Matychuk. I learned many things from her. She helped me view things differently in life; instead of focusing on the sad and depressing things that are sometimes thrown at you, I now look at the more positive things. I learned life lessons from our phone chats and she really knew how to start conversations. Ms. Matychuk shared many of her memories growing up, which is why I have decided to name my composition, inspired by our chats, “Cherished Memories.”

At the start of the piece, a simple and delicate melody is introduced. This theme is all of the happy memories the subject of the song has had. A second melody is then introduced; it is the same melody, however, it is in the relative minor key. After, the time signature is changed and a more virtuosic melody is written. The melody flows smoothly and creates a feeling of gracefulness, symbolizing yet another happy memory. Finally, the theme returns, and the subject is now reminiscing about their past experiences, some uplifting, some sad.
– Alexander Bai