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Bridging the Age Gap: Barber Shop for Barbara


Dianne Perry & Heggie family


Barbara Chamberline




Barber Shop for Barbara
Imagine you are only ten years old. You are on the train with your Dad to the big city. He says
you are going to see a show, but you have no idea what to expect. On that day, you watch
your very first Musical LIVE. Barbara’s story starts there. She described her journey into town,
the smells, the people, and witnessing first hand the magic on stage, and feeling the energy in
the audience. Barbara described it as “captivating”. So when young performers Noah, Jack,
Vaughn, and Quinn discovered this, they wanted to make a number just for her.

We spent time learning to prepare our voices for singing, then we learnt a special song from
one of Barbara’s favorite musicals, and everyone worked together to come up with a cool
dance routine to go along with it. We practiced at home over several weeks, and just when we
thought it was all done Ms. Dianne added kazoo and slide whistle!
When Mom and Dad saw how much fun the boys were having they could not help but want to
join in. Then Ms. Dianne’s Doggie Choir joined in. Then the Ravens joined in. Before you could
say “Whistle” everyone within earshot was singing for Barbara – although the pooches were
slightly out of tune.

Barbara our senior inspired us to learn a song and dance, but she also inspired another thing –
the birth of “The Von Heggie Family Singers”.
Thank you for inspiring us to learn ‘I Whistle A Happy Tune” from the Musical “The King and I”!
Enjoy the outtake video below, and for the full routine click here: