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Historic Trinity, NFLD

Colleen Cameron

Mildred (Milli) Gosse

Visual Arts — 16″ x 20″ Acrylic on Canvas

This painting depicts several of the oldest historic buildings in the beautiful outport village of Trinity on the magnificent Bonavista Peninsula in Newfoundland. The village’s blend of new and restored historic buildings reflects the hardy and determine snature of the early settlers and the people who call Newfoundland their home.

This art piece was inspired by conversations with Senior Millie Gosse. She is a wonderfully friendly, resourceful and upbeat person. Millie was born and raised in Trinity Bay, Newfoundland. The values she learned translated into her connectedness with Nature and her deep caring for others. Her life story ranges across decades filled with helping others, and across Canada from Trinity Bay to Carbonear; to Ontario and on to Fort McMurray, Alberta. Millie embodies the strength and resiliency of East Coasters… if life gives you lemons, you make Lemonade.

Summertime on the East Coast is full of colourful flowers and plants, all crowding together to bloom and grow during the short, intense period of warmth. Flowering Yellow Forsythia; Lupins in purples, yellows and pinks; cheerful yellow Buttercups and Dandelions compete with white wild Strawberry and Blueberry blossoms to provide a lush carpet of Mother Nature’s best colours. Millie dances with the joy of flowers in the breeze.

Trinity, which boasts one of the best safe and spacious harbours, perhaps in the world, has been a shelter from the sea conditions of The North Atlantic Ocean for hundreds of years. Trinity faces Iceberg Alley and frequently hosts gigantic icebergs that run aground in the shallow waters near the harbour on their way south from the Greenland iceberg calving grounds.

The bright colours of the historic houses and the wildflowers beautifully reflect the cheerful, humourous attitude of traditional hardworking Newfoundlanders. Millie and her hometown embody the best of those who live by The Sea.