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Frozen Aurora: Resin Painting Series

When she wasn’t focused on planning and delivering workshops, Morigeau developed a series of resin paintings to capture the spectacular Aurora Borealis.

She used a mixture of iridescent, neon, and UV reactive glow-in-the-dark pigments, and black silhouettes of pine trees and wildlife commonly found in the area to accentuate the bright colours of the starlit sky and Aurora Borealis.

These paintings are to be framed with ponderosa pine needles in natural resin is released from pine trees as a healing and protective element for the trees, the sticky sap captures infections and harmful insects.

Many Indigenous communities use resin for their own medicines. The synthetic resin I use in my artwork is perfectly transparent, I use it to capture a frozen moment in time which is commonly fleeting and difficult to replicate.

Photo by Nick Vardy