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Theresa Wells

Having been a resident of the region for over twenty years, Theresa is deeply committed to improving the quality of life for all those who call Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo home, whether through her volunteer or professional roles.

She believes ACWB plays a critical role in the region. In a community often identified solely by a commodity, the development and fostering of a vibrant arts community is essential not only for the many artists who have chosen to live here, but to address the external image we often encounter. She believes her previous experience on the ACWB board was a gift for her own personal and professional development. After having been away from the board for several years, she believes she has further honed her personal skills and experience and has come back to board with a fresh perspective. Theresa brings experience from several different sectors of her personal and professional life, including municipal governance and administration understanding and strong relationships with Indigenous Peoples in the region.