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Nabil Malik

Nabil is a progressive and creative contributor (in a small way) to the cultural fabric of our region. He is a strong advocate of the arts’ vital role in placemaking, creating vibrant communities, and fostering a sense of identity and belonging.

He has witnessed the impact ACWB has had on the local arts ecosystem and the broader region. As Chair and Vice-Chair of the RMWB Public Art Committee, Nabil has had the opportunity to see how well ACWB works with partners to make lasting and meaningful opportunities for artists. He has always thought of ACWB as an essential institution within our region; however, as a Board Member with the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, he has also realized its importance within the broader provincial arts ecosystem. Since moving to Alberta from Ontario, he has had the honour and privilege to serve on many boards for organizations. Many of his appointments have been with organizations in transition, and he believes that ACWB is currently going through a transition as it looks to establish the region’s first arts incubator. Nabil has the experience to support the path that ACWB will be taking from a governance perspective and through his professional understanding of the developing process within the region. He believes the next few years are very exciting for ACWB, and would like to play a role in the excitement. He has deep roots within the community, and is proud to call the region his home. It is his fundamental belief that it is through the arts that great communities are built. The work that ACWB does daily helps support and strengthen our region’s cultural fabric for the betterment of all residents and visitors.