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Luie Raczynski

Luie is a passionate father of two and a hard-working leader at Suncor. He is particularly interested in theatre, music, and graphic arts as an observer and audience member rather than as an artist. Luie values the positive impact the Arts can have on a community. He has seen the benefits the arts provide through his daughterss experiences in speech and theatre arts, growing their confidence, and making them more well-rounded people through these creative outlets that bring them happiness.

Luie is a seasoned leader with experience managing projects, leading diverse teams, providing 

budget oversight, and making difficult decisions. Luie’s diverse experiences and current role leading large turnaround events at Suncor planning and executive large-scale events to repair and enhance the operating facilities which takes years of preparation to achieve safely and efficiently. These experiences would help Luie to guide ACWB’s projects and initiatives in a similar manner.