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ACWB flies with the YMM Airport

Ats Council Wood Buffalo is grateful for the ongoing relationship with the Fort McMurray Airport Authority and wants to acknowledge their continued support of the arts community in Wood Buffalo.

When the Fort McMurray International Airport (YMM) was being designed and built, art was already an important component that was being considered.

As stated on their website, “YMM’s bold and iconic art program gives passengers a strong sense of place and connects them to the passion and energy of Fort McMurray. 

Selected artists in Fort McMurray and Western Canada have been commissioned to create public art pieces to enrich and elevate the airport experience for passengers.” 

In addition to visual art and history, YMM also hosts live music throughout the year, giving paid opportunities to local artists in Wood Buffalo, while providing entertainment to their guests. 

In 2017 YMM reached out to ACWB with the hopes of created an arts and culture strategic plan with the goals of support the arts in Wood Buffalo and utilizing the arts to encourage more visitation to the airport.

Joanne Meredith, Manager of Marketing, Communications & Experience at the Fort McMurray Airport Authority gave this testimonial on the experience, “The Fort McMurray Airport Authority reached out to the Arts Council Wood Buffalo for guidance and assistance in creating our Arts & Culture Program Strategy which is a 5-year plan to incorporate arts and culture into the airport experience for the benefit of visitors and community members. The Arts Council’s guidance was valuable in assisting the Authority in creating a plan that is achievable, sustainable and supportive of the community as a whole. Beyond the assistance with the development of the strategy, the Authority frequently reaches out to the Arts Council for advice on the implementation of our Arts & Culture Program to ensure we are strengthening and supporting the arts community with each stage of our strategy.”

Fast forward to 2019, the Fort McMurray Airport Authority came on as the Midnight Sponsor of the 2019 Wood Buffalo Excellence in Arts Awards, a further investment into the work of the Arts Council and the arts community. With the sponsorship, Arts Council was able to promote the award recipients through graphics displayed on their advertising screens above the luggage carousels and on the screens in the departure areas, throughout December, one of their busiest times of year. 

Arts Council Wood Buffalo thanks the Fort McMurray Airport Authority for their continued support of the arts in our region and for being true arts champions! 

Photograph – RJ Steenstra, YMM Airport speaking at the 2019 Wood Buffalo Excellence in Arts Awards. Photography by Stacey Northcotte Photography.