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Introducing Marketplace

Are you interested in selling your arts or craft? Maybe you’re in the market to buy unique, handmade local art. 

Marketplace is a page on the ACWB website where you can sell your art, or shop local from Wood Buffalo artisans. 

All Arts Council Wood Buffalo members are able to set up a free Marketplace profile to sell their arts and craft. If you’re not an ACWB member, all you need is an active membership to become a Marketplace vendor.

Already a Registered Vendor?

To go directly to your login page as a vendor, you can also follow this link:

Become a Marketplace Vendor

ACWB Members – If you’re already an ACWB member, just visit our Marketplace Account Request page, and fill out the form. We will send you all you need to create your Marketplace profile and begin selling your arts and craft.

Not an ACWB Member? Become an ACWB member, and your membership fees will get you access to Marketplace and much more. Learn about the benefits of membership you’ll be able to access in addition to Marketplace.

When filling out your membership registration, be sure to check “I want to participate in ACWB’s online Marketplace.”  Two things will then happen:

  • You will receive a follow up email from ACWB to walk you through all the benefits of becoming a member.
  • The Marketplace team will send you all you need to create your Marketplace profile and begin selling your arts and craft.

Artist Directory

Did you know that ACWB Members also have free access to participate in the Artist Directory? If you’d like to participate, be sure to check “I want to participate in ACWB’s online artist directory” when filling out your membership registration.

Buy Arts & Craft on Marketplace

You don’t need to be an ACWB member to shop in Marketplace, and you don’t even need to live in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo.

Get to Marketplace by clicking here: This will take you to the main shop.

Also on any page on Arts Council’s website, you’ll see categories along the top. Click on Community, scroll down to Marketplace and click.  This will take you to the main Marketplace page where you can shop, check out, or login to your store.

Marketplace for Entrepreneurs

You’ll be able to sell your arts and crafts, track sales, enhance your brand, build your following, and realize your dream of getting your art to market. You can also view other artists’ profiles, shop, and support local artisans just like you.

Are you new to the online world? Not sure if you have the experience or skills to manage an online Marketplace?

Don’t worry. You’ll have plenty of support from the Marketplace team, including lots of FAQ’s, a tutorial document, access to the Marketplace Google Drive where we’ll be sharing resources and updates, and more. Did you know that all ACWB members can book free consultation sessions with ACWB staff?

Marketplace for Shoppers

Search, sort and shop for local arts and crafts that have been made with community spirit. As an added bonus, you’ll be shopping local, supporting local, and participating in the arts community.  You might even be inspired to set up your own shop in Marketplace.

Questions? For any questions about Marketplace, membership, or the Artist Directory, please contact us at