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After being Assimilated from Fort McKay into Fort McMurray in a foster home days after Birth, I normalized great Pain and Suffering, throughout my Life which was Released through Art. The Government finally released my Birth Certificate to me in the Summer of 2023 at the age of 51 Years. With an unknown Father, a Mother that was murdered I was lost and alone driving me to Heal my Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions about what little I knew about my Self, through the Very Culture that is still currently denied to me, by the Government that withheld it in the first place. I have an insatiable Hunger to Create any and all Indigenous Arts through anyone that will help me learn, sharing the Knowledge Freely to everyone so as to keep it alive. I Use my own Life experiences to Promote Healing from Pain and Suffering of others, by teaching them how to get out, showing them that they are not alone, and that they are loved and wanted.


I Devote my Time and Energy to Service to Humanity by providing Tools for your Journey to Heath and Truth. I teach alleviation of all suffering, so I also teach Trade and Barter, which strengthens our Community and Heals by teaching Communication, asking for needs to be met, networking and assisting others and saving money for Rent and Food in this world of rising expenses.


Due to being denied my Culture until 2023, I am a Sponge and am learning that Healing comes at an accelerated rate when Creating, as we are Creators.


My Artistic Practices include but are not limited to

  • Leather working, mini mitts and mukluks,
  • Beading, moccasins, medicine bags, hair wraps, headbands
  • Indigenous chief ornament, lanyards
  • Painting aurora borealis, animals
  • Indigenous chokers, bracelets
  • Print making
  • Indigenous Smudging, ceremonies and rituals
  • Beaded Earrings, smudge boxes, sweetgrass spray, aromatherapy, yoga, energy healing, sound healing, trauma yoga, childrens yoga, postpartum yoga, teens and dating, dream catcher, rattle, mini drum, talking sticks, smudging feather, indigenous thread hair wrapping, smudge stick making, indigenous healing,
  • Teaching indigenous stories including my own life lessons as a foster child, assimilation, what love is, forgiveness, self betterment, service to humanity will be incorporated into all of my practices and teachings as they are part of me and Art is an expression of Self.


I teach everything above and more for no cost as these are Healing Activities. My goal is to continue learning and mastering all skills so that I can share them with others to promote their own Healing.