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Janes Shapter Family Art is a shop where the Fort McMurray members of our family have come together to share their passion for many different mediums of art with the local community and beyond.

They are part of a market which inspires people to action and highlights their successes through representation art.

Jim Janes is a self-taught Airbrush Artist whose creative expression is represented in water colour, acrylic and ink paintings. He also enjoys working on a variety of surfaces including guitars, cars, specialized Yupo paper and canvas. Living in Fort McMurray since 2008, Jim draws his inspiration from his environment and the people he meets. He strives to capture the beauty that nature offers in each of his paintings. See Jim bring his paintings to life, live streaming on Twitch.TV, search ‘airbrush_wizard’. (

Patrick Janes, a visual artist, is a long term resident of Fort McMurray. A self taught artist, he enjoys painting with acrylics, sculpture and, most recently, digital art. Patrick draws inspiration for his work from his passion for film and computerized gaming as represented through his many works of fan art. (

Michele Shapter is a visual artist whose work is represented through her use of acrylic painting. While always interested in the Arts, her passion for painting came alive with her growing interest in exploring how light expresses itself in and through all living things. Mary has lived in Fort McMurray since 2012 and finds many beautiful expressions of this in her environment and the people she meets every day. (