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I have always practiced art in many different mediums in my life. I graduated from Keyano College with a diploma in Bachelor of Fine Art and more recently have completed Master Herbalism.


I love gardening and wanted to do more with the plants around me so is with a focus on skin care. My favourite products to make are room sprays, floral bath salts, hydrating milk bath, soothing bath tea, steam kits for any skin type and has most recently begun to delve into facial skin care with micellar water toners, facial oils, and make up removers. Everything is made with incredible intention and attention to detail, beautifully packaged and labelled. All products are registered with Health Canada’s Cosmetic Notification Center. Every season comes a new line with new products and they never fail to disappoint. Bella Binna Crafts & Herbals love doing the little extras to wow and inspire clients.


My hope with Bella Binna is to achieve conversations, bring people together who are seeking to live naturally, teaching people to stop using chemicals on their bodies and on their lawns because there are no such thing as weeds! The benefits of plants are infinite and the more we learn about them, the more we can live better lives physically and spiritually.


Natalie prides Bella Binna Crafts & Herbals Inc. for working by the statement: “from my garden to your bathtub.” We have sacrificed naturalism for convenience too much in this world, and she wants to show people they can have, use, and create beautiful and nourishing bath and beauty products from the natural world around us usually quite simply.


I also love to create seasonal art: wreaths, paintings, lanterns, journals, teacup pincushions, scented sachets, bauble jars, basically anything she can hit with a glue gun. My mother, Linda McPherson makes seasonal knitted dishcloths and aprons by hand.


We also create custom orders, offer free delivery within our city, and gift wrap everything with care.


Another hope of Bella Binna Crafts & Herbals is to bring women together to create art. They think we can find power and sanction in each other as a community, a safe place to express what is in our soul. I will be hosting my first workshop event soon to teach herbalism and skincare with making a DIY facemask.


To answer our callings, like art and working with plants, has helped Natalie in her life in so many ways. One being mental health, another being physical health, another spirituality. She wants to share that with as many people as she can.


We should be together, inspiring each other, having fun together.


Our mission and vision:

Bella Binna Crafts & Herbals Inc.
Bringing nature and creativity back into our lives, one season at a time.