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Since May 2020, artists engaged in conversations over the phone with seniors or Elders. The artists created new pieces of art using that conversation as their muse. Arts Council then purchased those art pieces from the artists and gifted them to the seniors or Elders with whom they were made.

Click on the images in the Virtual Exhibit below to learn more about each piece.

Opportunities for Art of Conversation are now open for Artists of all disciplines, as well as Seniors and Elders (+60 years of age). Learn more here.

Art of Conversation Virtual Exhibit

Fog and The Drip

Riley Woodford & Larry McArdle

A Field of Joy

Sorina Doiculescu for Mirjami Seppanen

When I Have Grown Old

Sherry Duncan for Elder Alice Martin

Her Memories of Scotland

Trevor Snook and Elspeth

Grandpa and Grandma Dewey

Ruth Perry for Larry and Donna Dewey

Nepalis Landscape

Shruti Shah for Domadar & Basanti Pradham

Child Artist Adonis

Liam Renner and Rose Pratt

Dog Sledding

T.J. Carabeo and Don

Love Blossoms Peace

Elizabeth Matte for Betty Samaroden


Jacob Kruger and Glen

The Inn

Jessica McIntosh and Olive Wooden

Planting Seeds of Connection

Tineesha McKay for Tara Sauter

A Binding Piece of Art

Emmalyn Soriano and Denise Brideau

Thunder and Lightning

Colleen Cameron for Mardell Olsen

Maskihkiwapoy with the Trees

Dawn Booth and Elder Betty Woodward

The Heart of Rose

Tineesha McKay for Rose Pratt

Life Path

Sorina Doiculescu for Alexandra Tarasenco

Choose This Day

Elizabeth Matte for Brenda Rye

Nostalgic Memory

Vera Fustic for Yalem Sebhat

Bridging the Age Gap: Barber Shop for Barbara

Dianne Perry & The Heggie Family for Barbara Chamberline

Bridging the Age Gap: Florence Plays Ball

Dianne Perry & The Reed Family for Florence Hynes

Textiles: Hope.

Fran Beausoleil for Marilyn Schulz

More Than Just A Master Carpenter

Samson Nand for Jeff O'Reilly

Can I Finish Telling My Story

Amanda Rivers for Rudy Loy

Memory Blankets and Bears

Melanie Budgell for Deidre Allen

A Gift From Above

Kiran Malik-Khan for Sajida Aunty

Warm Memories of a Childhood in Botwood, Newfoundland

Shannon Whitbread & Effie Pope

The Nature of Time

Sorina Doiculescu for Doreen Berresford

The Offering

Nicole Davis for Mabel Laviolette

Scheveningen Beach

Marina Francis for Astrid Dézèntjé

The Whirlwind Woman

Kiran Khan and Elder Pollyanna McBain

Remember When

Nelly Wati for Wanda Smith

Final Say

Riley Woodford and Denise

Seasons for Rita

Sharon Heading & Elder Rita Martin

Historic Trinity, NFLD

Colleen Cameron and Mildred (Millie) Gosse

This Town

Caitlin Wilson & Norman Cree

Spring Roots

Sorina Doiculescu & Elder Peggy Bourke

Libby Seizes the World

Shauna Darbyshire & Libby Farrell

Love Heals All

Matthew Marcel & Beverly Tourangeau

Patsy’s Song

Éva LaPrairie & Patsy Gabriel

Rudy’s Song

Caius Hubris (Cory Huber) & Rudy Loy

Memories of Home

Shauna Darbyshire & Florence Hynes

You Are My Sunshine

Sherry Duncan & Norman Cree

The Scene of the Crime

Sharon Heading & Alan Reeve

Choice of Happiness

Kiran Malik-Khan & Aunty Reena: Chandip Kaur

The Art of Conversation with Miriam

Ryan McCann & Miriam Kesselring

Amerycan Graffiti

Liam Renner & Brenda Rye

Oft Forgotten

Xach Edward, Glen Miller, Chris Pottie, Brandon Bryson, Meghan Whitmore & Krystina Poltorak

Embracing the Greek

Terri Mort & Francia Panopolis

Peace Be Still

Elizabeth Matte & Marlene Hall


Enya Dange & Freida Reid

Putting the Man in Animal

Delaney Dalheim & Frank

The Fort Chipewyan Delta, 2020

Colleen Cameron & Elder George Vermillion

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Nelly Wati (Balloon Moose Studio) & Alan Reeve

Just Be Happy

Nabeela Rumi & JoAnn Harley

Mitchell and Julia

Mitchell Steeves & Julia

Cherished Memories

Alexander Bai & Linda Matychuk

Nature’s Song

Preesha Patel & Albina

3 Poems

Riley Woodford & Hope Moffatt

The Penny

Dorothy Bentley & Astrid Dézèntjé

The Art of Conversation with Michelin Crowe

Ryan McCann & Michelin Crowe

Amazing Road

Lori Wiseman & Joan

Bursting Forth

Melissa Redden & Mary Ann Carruthers

Colour-Full Life

Sherry Duncan & Brenda Wilm

Sea Foam

Barbara Madden & Marilyn Schulz

Portrait of Lorraine Cardinal Corrigan

Margie Cunningham & Lorraine Cardinal Corrigan

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Support and Collaboration

The Art of Conversation program has been generously supported by the New Horizons for Seniors Program and Suncor, and is in collaboration with St. Aidan’s Society.


What participants have to say about Art of Conversation


Contact ACWB Programs Manager Luay Eljamal at or 587.674.1625 x.102.

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