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Arts Council Wood Buffalo (ACWB) advocates for the arts in our region in a number of ways: by participating on committees; conducting arts-related research on a local level; building relationships with all levels of government, non-profit organizations and industry; and by promoting the region’s arts on our website, social media platforms, and communications initiatives such as articles in local and provincial publications.

The Arts Impact Measurement project (AIM), conducted in 2015 and 2016, provided a summary of the impact of the arts in Wood Buffalo relating to quality of life, participation, and economics based on the data available at the time. ACWB contracted Hill Strategies Research Inc. (HSR) to manage the evaluation and data analysis portion of the project and complete a final report. The results of the project are two reports that can be used in many ways by artists, art organizations, and the broader community to support new and existing art activities and projects such as grant applications and advocacy for art-related community initiatives.

Learn more about the Arts Impact Measurement Reports project and read the final reports.

This program provided artists the opportunity to collaborate and heal through their art. In turn, help them support recovery and resiliency in Wood Buffalo.

A brief background

The Arts Recovery Working Group was established in June 2017 as a partnership between Arts Council Wood Buffalo, Keyano Theatre & Arts Centre, and Suncor Energy Centre for the Performing Arts, with administrative support from the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. It provided guidance to the Wildfire Recovery Taskforce in support of the recovery of the arts in the region.

From mid-2017 throughout 2018, the group worked with various people in the community to gain a better understanding of the effects of the Horse River Wildfire on the arts community and the current needs of artists in our region. Through various focus groups and one-on-one discussions, a two-year post-wildfire recovery plan was developed as part of the wider arts strategy for the region. From that plan, the Arts Recovery Project was born with a mission to support the arts community in returning to its full creative capacity.

With funding support from the Canadian Red Cross, the subsequent two-and-a-half-year Arts Recovery Project consisted of many partnership events that helped connect, engage and reinvigorate the local arts community.

Arts Council Wood Buffalo continues to serve as Chair of the Arts Recovery Working Group, which:

  • Provided strategic leadership in the development, implementation and sustainability of arts recovery initiatives and strategies
  • Advocated on the role of the arts in disaster recovery;
  • Monitored gaps and overlaps, and advised on how to prevent, mitigate and manage them to encourage recovery; and;
  • Recognized barriers and enablers to arts recovery and helped develop initiatives to address these.

Download the full Post Wildfire Recovery in the Arts Strategic Plan

Arts Council Wood Buffalo would like to recognize the Canadian Red Cross for providing project support for the Arts Recovery Project.

Arts Council Wood Buffalo works on many community committees to ensure the arts are fairly represented and best practices in working with artists are followed. ACWB currently participates in: Tri-Level Arts Funders Meetings; Wood Buffalo Community Foundation Grants Committee; Social Sustainability Stewardship Committee; Wood Buffalo Alberta Culture Days Community Planning Committee. Arts Council is pleased to serve as the Chair for the RMWB Culture Master Plan Implementation Advisory Committee and the Council Appointed Waterfront Development Committee.

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