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Vision Statement – Student Services Department

Keyano College

At Keyano College, teaching and learning is our core business and at the centre are the people that we serve students.

Student Services exists to enable all Keyano College students to achieve their full academic potential. We contribute to an exceptional learner experience by providing support that is inclusive, integrated, equitable, timely/accessible, student-centered, and we do this with the awareness and appreciation of the diversity that our students bring to the College.

For some of our students, the work we do resembles the safety net below tightrope walkers at the circus. The tightrope walker resembles the student who must complete a challenging task. The student works hard to balance many roles and meet the demands of the task—crossing the tightrope successfully.

Each member of Student Services forms the safety net below that is a critical factor in the student deciding to accept this challenge. We are all down below, cheering for and encouraging the student. Our mere presence is reassuring because students know we are there. They trust that if they fall, we are ready to greet them where they are and offer resources. Once students have fortified their foundation, the safety net propels them forward to continue mastering their craft.

The safety net can only function when all of us at Student Services are connected, ready to work and trusting each other. The more aligned and integrated we are, the more secure the safety net. Together, we endeavour to support the lifelong learning of our students.

Outline of Art Request – a painting or color drawing that depicts the Vision Statement for the Student Services Department (provided above). Note that it is intended to be a symbolic vision statement hence, the request for a painting or color drawing. Members of the department have asked that the art piece depict a tight rope walker with nets below, a person/persons present to support, and should speak to the diversity at Keyano College, including LGBTQ2+, Indigenous and multicultural learners.

Timeline – a budget / quote for the full project, inclusive of all artist fees and GST, with a draft colour sketch to be provided by the end of August; consultations with Sandra Efu, Director Student Services, between now and August is welcomed. The draft will be shared with the entire Student Services department the first week of September to gather their feedback. Any required changes will be shared with the artist, and a final copy of the artwork is to be delivered by the end of September.

Approximate size – preferred a minimum size of 20”x20” up to a maximum of 40”x40”. Artist is to provide a high-resolution digital file of the artwork. Preferred format is pdf, psd and/or jpeg.

Copyright of the piece will remain with the artist and Keyano College Student Services Department reserves the right to use the digital reproduction for print, online, and other promotional formats. Credit will be given to the artist where possible across these formats.

Keyano College reserves the right to not assign the commission.

All inquiries regarding this project should be directed to:
Sandra Efu
Director Student Services, Keyano College
[email protected]