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AMALGAMATION – Submission Call

NorthWord Magazine

NorthWord Magazine publishes twice a year through the support of community volunteers and advertisers. 

For each edition, the Northern Canada Collective Society of Writers’ Board of Directors selects a guest editor. Each guest editor is required to pick a theme to kick-start the creativity. They also decide on the artwork for the front cover. 

As submissions come in, the managing editor removes names before showing the guest editor for transparency purposes.

AMALGAMATION is the action or process of uniting or merging two or more things; bringing multiple things together. Or in literature — a consolidation of two or more entities into a single entity. This can be a consolidation of people, places, iconic items and even narratives. Amalgamation is a craft technique used by many writers when writing fictional elements that draw from real life experiences.

After the selection process, the publication is produced and disbursed throughout the Wood Buffalo region.

Accepted Submissions:​

  • prose (3,000 words or fewer, fiction or non-fiction)
  • poetry (50 lines maximum)
  • excerpts from current projects
  • visual art 

Send original poetry/prose/art to [email protected] Tell us what Amalgamation, or lack thereof means to you!