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Call for Videos for World Theatre Day 2021

Every year we celebrate World Theatre Day by having a messenger prepare a statement which we then tape and share. However, World Theatre Day 2021 will be taking place under very unusual circumstances, there may be no/few performances taking place on March 27th. 

So we at PACT thought that this year we would try to do something different, we want to hear what YOU love about theatre. Along with our partners, Playwrights Guild of Canada, and Association des théâtres francophones du Canada, we are asking theatre-goers, actors, playwrights, tech crew, administrative staff, teachers and parents to send us a a short clip (10 secs) or photo completing the phrase “I love theatre because….” 

If you wish to send a photo rather than a video please write down and complete the phrase “I love theatre because….” and take a photo with it. 

We will then edit all videos and photos into a montage that showcases a multitude of voices. This way we could take a moment and remind ourselves of what we most love about live theatre.