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2021 Annual Report Cover Artwork – Call for Visual Artists

Project Description

Arts Council Wood Buffalo (ACWB) is looking for local 2D or 3D visual artists, illustrators, photographers, graphic designers, printmakers or painters to create artwork for their 2021 Annual Report cover. The image will reflect the theme of “Healing”.

What is healing? The Latin root of the word refers to the idea of “making whole.” Throughout the past 2 years, our region has undergone major change yet continues to be a strong, resilient community. In 2021, many artists had to adapt to virtual settings and explore new ways to create their art. This time also came with important self reflection and acceptance which led to creating new connections. 

ACWB also focused on healing by focusing on programs which foster connection and celebration. From Art of Conversation to the Buffys, we have been on a journey fraught with challenges. Once again, as the world shifts we are excited to discover what the road ahead to new projects, such as Arts Inc. looks like!

As we move into 2022, we are thankful for the arts community as we continue to heal together through collaboration, community and creativity. 

The image to be used on the cover of the Annual Report will be distributed during our AGM and available to all members, stakeholders and general community members. The image will also be used to promote the Annual Report on ACWB’s various online platforms.

Work Media

ACWB welcomes submissions from both established and emerging artists.

ACWB will not be purchasing the physical artwork, only the digital image. The artwork will be used as a background image, and under the discretion of ACWB’s designer, creating the final Annual Report graphic design, which may be cropped or have information and design elements placed on top. We will request non-exclusive rights to the work and will accept existing and new artwork; however, it should not have appeared in any other way in the Wood Buffalo community in the six months prior to submission, or be used on a mass scale for up to six months after the annual report is released.

Submitted digital files of photography, digital artwork or representations of any 2D or 3D artwork must be in the form of digital files, prepared and ready for print with the following requirements:

  • Digital artwork files must be uploaded in a jpg or png file format.
  • File size is no smaller than 8.5″ x 11″ and should be minimum 300dpi. The image may be cropped to fit printable surface area. Please ensure the digital file is cropped to show only your submitted image and no background elements (frame, etc.).
  • All artworks and elements within the artwork must be the sole intellectual property of the artist. If the artwork is digital media medium, design elements must have been purchased with the proper license to be used for both print and digital purposes, listed in the project description.

Entry Requirements

Maximum of 3 artwork submissions per artist. Please submit the following items in one email to [email protected] using the subject line: Annual Report Cover Submission. Some of the information provided below will be used to give credit to the successful artist in the Annual Report and in other promotions. Please make sure this information provided is correct, with proper grammar and punctuation.

Please refer to this checklist to ensure all submission elements are submitted for consideration:

  • Artist Statement explaining the relevance of the image to the theme.
  • Artist Bio (100 words maximum)
  • Image list from A – C, title of artwork, medium used. Example A) Title, Medium, B) Title, Medium, C) Title, Medium.
  • Print ready digital file, minimum 1MB and/or 300dpi resolution. Files should be named as follows: first name_last name.a.jpeg, first name_last name.b.jpeg, etc. ACWB will accept large files from a downloadable source such as dropbox.com and FTP service.

Submission Deadline

Submissions must be received by Thursday, April 28, 2022.

Selection Process

Artwork will be selected by Arts Council Wood Buffalo. The selection is final and the successful artist will be notified by Monday, May 2, 2022.

Please note that only the successful artist will be notified. Artists submitting their artwork keep full copyright of their images. Submissions that are not chosen will not be used in any way by ACWB or third party organizations, unless requested by ACWB in advance and approved by the artist.

Exhibition Fee

The successful artist will be paid a one time, all-inclusive licensing fee of $200.00, inclusive of GST.

Contact Information

Akshaya Lakshmi
Communications Supervisor

587-674-1625 x.104
[email protected]