Blue Angelite (AAA Grade), Gold Rose Hematite, and White Zircon Fox Pendant Charm Copper Pave CZ


“Stones of Awareness” connecting one to universal knowledge and raising awareness.

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Angelite is known for a stone that can bring serenity, inner peace, and a sense of calm. Angelite is excellent to use when you need to calm down from feelings of stress and overwhelm, and brings us closer to angels for support and guidance.

Hematite calms in times of stress or worry. It also helps to absorb negative energy. Hematite helps with mental organization, balancing energy, enhancing memory, and increasing intuition as well as boosts the wearer’s self-esteem.

Additional information

Blue Angelite (AAA Grade),


Rose Gold Rondell Hematite


Rose Gold Hematite Faceted


White Zircon Fox Pendant Charm Copper Pave CZ



6 1/4

Stretch Cord

All of my bracelets are beaded with care and handmade using a strong elastic stretch cord which I pre-stretch to prevent the bracelet from losing it\'s shape and to ensure the perfect fit. Each bracelet is then triple-knotted and glued for extra durability.

Care Instructions

As with all stretch bracelets, your bracelet should be handled with care to avoid unnecessary wear or damage.
Gently roll the bracelet onto your wrist instead of stretching it over your hand.
Don\'t sleep in your bracelet, submerge it in water, shower or swim while wearing it.
It can be cleaned gently with a soft damp cloth.