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Sara Loutitt

Sara Loutitt isiyihka’sow ekwa apihtawikosisan iskwew. Sara Loutitt is her name and she is a Metis woman.  Her love of Askiy (the land), especially the land in the Wood Buffalo region, is an inherent and guiding force in her life and work.  In her earlier teaching experience, Sara’s specialization of Indigenous studies, drama, and creative writing became the springboard from which her various teaching assignments were delivered to mostly high school students and presently continue to this day at Keyano College in the Community Based Environmental Monitoring program.  More recently, a master’s degree with a focus on land-based learning, has sharpened Sara’s commitment focus as she aims on the targets of restoring natural environment, revitalizing Indigenous languages, and reaffirming Indigenous presence. Her shirt boldly states “A woman armed with ancestral wisdom is an unstoppable force,” and we are pretty sure she doesn’t quit until she hits her mark.